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  UI/UX Designer/Developer  

UI/UX Design & Development ~  
Style Guides, Wireframes, Prototypes ~  
Angular 6+ ~  
Grunt/SASS, Bootstrap, Materialize ~  
JS/JQuery: {DOM, JSON, AJAX} ~  
Wordpress, JSP, PHP, LAMP/WAMP ~  

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More about UI/UX development here: http://www.ui-design-engineering.com

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  Writer & ESL Instructor  

  ~ Writer/Author of...
     ~ Tech Manuals & User Guides
     ~ Creative Non-Fiction: Essays
     ~ Narrative, Memoir, Poetry
  ~ ESL Teacher/Coach
  ~ Composition & Rhetoric Tutor

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My writing/teaching site: http://www.thefogandwave.com

This site was built in 2009 and it still works, even though it looks like a mass of tumors under the hood.
One day, I'll do more than refactor it (spraying it with Bactine) and actually do a new site. One day, one day.